TekneHub is one of the industrial research laboratories of Ferrara’s Technopole, specialising in the areas of refurbishment of existing buildings, restoration, advanced survey and integrated diagnostics, supply chain digitalization, ceramic and metal materials technologies, works of art diagnostics, as well as high-efficiency building-plant integrated systems diagnostics, sustainable use of environmental and hydrogeological resources, sanitation of highly sterile environments, industrial product design and prototype development, according to a User Centred Design, Inclusive approach Design, Human-Machine Interface and User Experience.

The core strength of the laboratory is the close collaboration between researchers from different departments (architecture, engineering, economics, humanities, physics and earth sciences), with the other laboratories and research centres of the Emilia-Romagna’s High Technology Network, SMEs and large enterprises, public bodies and institutions and the Polytechnic higher education Network.


Laboratory of Ferrara Technopole